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Set deep in the woods of Upstate New York, RICK GRUNDER - BOOKS is not a walk-in book store, but an original source for the origins of Mormonism. Think of this as a safe retreat in a dense forest where words like "rare" and "fine" are too often used without discrimination or expertise. As the first Chairman of the Brigham Young University Library Bibliographic Department until 1981, then an antiquarian bookseller for a quarter-century, I have worked full-time as a specialist in this field for more than thirty years. I am located an hour's drive from both Palmyra, New York, and Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, places where Mormonism began . . .

Specializing in the Origins of Mormonism

Established 1981 Ė Member, Antiquarian Booksellersí Association of America.

International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, Ephemera Society of America.

Former Chairman of the Brigham Young University Library Bibliographic Department.

Box 500

LaFayette, New York 13084

(315) 677-5218

(Rural road address and personal phone number given to established customers.)




I buy and sell rare books, manuscripts, newspapers, illustrations and artifacts relating to the early history of Mormonism. Perhaps you are searching for an unusual but affordable gift, or a multi-thousand-dollar rarity which will be treasured in your family for generations. Or you may have something which you would like to sell. Either way, you have just stepped into a fascinating world

Some of the most famous and reputable Latter-day Saint historians, collectors and institutions rely on Rick Grunder - Books for a variety of interesting and original sources of Mormon history. Among my customers are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Historical Department, Brigham Young University Library, and authors of well-known Church history books. As one of only a few hundred members accepted nationwide into ABAA, America's most prestigious antiquarian booksellers' association, I am required to maintain the highest level of professional and financial integrity.

This is a one-man business, with a personal, hands-on approach. Each customer and each item for sale receives my full and exclusive attention. Feel free to call any day of the year. Afternoons and evenings are best; if Iím not here, please leave a message.




Questions Which You May Be Too Polite To Ask:
"I am concerned about the crimes of famed forger/murderer Mark Hofmann. Have you ever bought or sold anything which turned out to have been forged?"
Answer:  No.


"How do I know your things are real?"
Answer:  Just as you know the faces of your friends, I am trained to recognize the difference between paper, printing, language and writing of today and earlier times. I have transcribed dim old revival diaries and brought their spiritual struggles back to life - translated the letters of Catherine de Medici (1500s France) - routinely mended pages of the first-edition Book of Mormon (1830) until the old tears became nearly invisible - and engaged for years in the whole gamut of antiquarian bookselling from incunabula to modern fine press! Like any good specialist, I can often guess the date of a bookís publication within a decade or so, just by glancing at its spine on the bookshelf. This is not because I am smarter than anyone else, but because, during the past third of a century, I have overseen or examined hundreds of thousands of books on a scholarly level, not to mention countless old letters and newspapers. I will be happy to discuss your concerns in great detail; just call and ask!
"Have you ever had anything returned to you because you cataloged it incorrectly?"
Answer:  No. Occasionally, a customer may prefer to return an item because the condition is not what he or she expected. This happens perhaps once every three or four years, and I refund the customerís money quickly and cheerfully.
"I have a book which I would like to sell, but I need the money fast. How long will I have to wait?"
Answer:  If you will call and make arrangements to send your book or other collectible to me, I can usually have a cashierís check in your hands by Federal Express the next business morning after I receive your item.
"How can I trust you with my rare things?"
Answer:  In my twenty-seven years of business, I have never been accused of anything but fair and honest service. There are no hidden controversies or unresolved "deals" in the history of Rick Grunder - Books. To protect your material while I examine or house it, I have three security systems, a large safe deposit box at the bank, and full insurance against damage or theft.
"I donít have a lot of money, but I love old things! How much would I have to pay for something worthy of showing my family and friends?"
Answer:  Many wonderful and fascinating things can be had for less than fifty dollars. The trick is to collect something unusual which most people havenít thought of yet! Just ask me for ideas.
"I feel embarrassed because I am new at this, and donít know where to start. May I call you and ask a few questions?"
Answer:  Please do! If I donít have the item you are seeking, I will suggest someone who may.



Exploring and Shopping

Navigating through a website should be as simple as possible. There are only two places to go in this site (besides Home, where you are now, and the new Bargain Basement). Both places have their own drag-down menu bars once you arrive. Just click on your destination (on the navigation bar at the top of this page, or on the links below) to go to . . .

HIDDEN GEMS, where you will find interesting things which I have sold in the past. There you will find pictures, relics, and other tidbits of history, as well as Mormon Parallels.

BROUGHT TO LIGHT are my new discoveries currently available for sale. There is no shopping cart on this site, or cyber clerk to reserve your choices. A real person always lives here in the woods, however (me!), and you should feel free to e-mail or call any day of the year - afternoons and evenings are best. I hope that my page of information about How to Make a Purchase will set your mind at ease.



Pictures on this page: If my woods shown near the top of this page look something like Joseph Smith's Sacred Grove, it is because I am located only an hour's drive east of Palmyra, New York. The guy in the black and white picture above usually smiles, but the portrait was probably taken after a long day of cataloging and page-counting! The calendar-like scene just above is the real road on which I live: my driveway begins about one hundred feet ahead of that school bus.