Questions TO ASK

?    When Joseph Smith was a boy, what were children his age learning about astronomy(see Mormon Parallels, p. 528).  What did most ordinary folk in his region believe about the Father and the Son?  (p. 1996)


?    One day before Joseph Smith got the Word of Wisdom, what happened in every American village and town?  (p. 1771)


?    Where was the great and spacious building which Joseph Smith saw at the exact time he dictated Lehi's dream of the iron rod?  What did the actual narrow path look like nearby, and why did it need an iron railing?  (p. 1374)


?   What clever young forger from the 1700s tricked famous writers of his day with names like Morven, Maronan, Nemi and a hill called Carmora?  (p. 877)


?   Martin Harris met which famous scientist who believed that the Garden of Eden had been in ancient America?  (p. 1299)


?    The Book of Mormon's ancient Zoramites named their land after what modern-era theological term used in 1820s New York?  (p. 546)


?    Native sheep of Peru?  Ancient kings laboring with their own hands?  Evils of fine clothing?  What magazine told New York State farmers about these things in the 1820s?  (p. 1240)


?    What about chiasmus and other Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon!  Who else could do that?  (p. 734)


Set deep in the woods of Central New York, RICK GRUNDER - BOOKS is not a walk-in store, but an original source for the origins of Mormonism. Think of this as a safe retreat in a fertile forest where words like "rare" and "fine" are used with discrimination and hopeful expertise. As the first Chairman of the Brigham Young University Library Bibliographic Department until 1981, then an antiquarian bookseller for a third of a century, I have worked full-time as a specialist in this field for nearly forty years.  I am located an hour's drive from both Palmyra, New York, and Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, places where Mormonism began. In a setting such as this, amazing things can happen.

Mormon Parallels: A Bibliographic Source
Lafayette, New York, 2014

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