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Swedish anti-Mormon cowboy novelette

. . . MORMONERNAS HÄMND. Bemyndigad Öfversättning. Med Teckningar af F. Lindvall. [at head: TEXAS JACK. Amerikas Mest Berömde Indianbekämpare]. Stockholm: Bokförlaget Svithiod, [Aktiebolaget Nordiska Boktryckeriet, 1907].


21.2 cm. 56 pp., including 5 full-page black and white illustrations by F. Lindvall [spelled Lindwall on the front wrapper]. Collated, and by all indications complete. Original light green wrappers printed and illustrated in blue.

Wrappers and sections separated, but complete. A professional conservator can make this look quite nice for perhaps $150. Given the delicious rarity of the item, I decided to leave repair options to the buyer. I can oversee the process, if requested.

**SOLD**   $1,250

NOT IN FLAKE. Obtained directly from a book scout in Stockholm, who gives the title in English as The Mormons' Revenge, in the series, "Indians and Cowboys with Texas jack - America's Most Famous Indian Fighter." He supplies the following comments for the final illustration:

"A funny train of six persons is coming in the underground temple" . . . The two bowls are filled with blood. In the backgroun[d] . . . are laying dead women. I'm not sure if you can see that in the pic., but the text says that. Look how they get dressed! Could be catholic priests! Now they shall kill this woman, and save her blood in a bowl. What a story. The fat man with the knife is also described in words like "fatty". Anyhow, just wanted to say what the pic. describe. I think it's just great.

I agree with my kind Swedish correspondent. Someone will have fun with this one! Perhaps it is worth translating for limited publication as a campy cowboy remnant from the end of the extreme anti-Mormon days.












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